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What moves us

True passion

Herman Miller is committed to creating a better world and that principal has always guided their conduct a company (see the Herman Miller Better World Report). It is our passion to adhere to that same principal and to bring the better world to our customers through great service and a great product. You spend a significant number of hours per day using office furniture, so it’s essential that it fits your needs perfectly. Building awareness and making sure you can perform the way you want to is what moves LoyalBrand.

The world is changing

High time for innovation

Looking ahead and anticipating future developments is always a priority for Herman Miller, especially when it comes to changes in the work environment. Offices, for instance have already become much more dynamic and versatile than they were ten years ago, but what’s next? Herman Miller has a dedicated think tank with a ten year view to make sure their solutions are always ahead of the curve.

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Collaborative effort

More than the sum of its parts

Herman Miller consists of twelve teams that each have their own specialization, but together they work towards a combined common goal; designing a great product and making the world a better place. The products speaks for itself, but we’re also very proud of Herman Miller’s 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

Next Level Sustainability

For a better world

The numbers tell the tale, that’s why Herman Miller publishes a yearly report that documents the progress of her Better World Program. It’s completely free from marketing speak. Instead, it presents nothing but facts and figures to show precisely what has been achieved and what areas deserve more attention.

Highly specialized

LoyalBrand Services and specialties

Full service

You can call us for a quick and comprehensive quote or take your time and tag along for a visit to the London showroom for inspiration. We’re also specialized in providing personalized finance or lease options for smaller as well as large scale projects. All of these services are rendered in accordance with LoyalBrand’s ‘Last Mile’ standards.

Expert advice

Whether it’s about the product itself, regulations or the wider implications of furnishing the perfect office environment, LoyalBrand and Herman Miller rely on decades of experience that is freely shared with clients and architects to achieve the very best of results.

Long term view

Our involvement doesn’t stop after delivery. At LoyalBrand, we dot the i’s and cross our proverbial t’s. Personal instructions in the use of a Herman Miller product and special attention to occupational health are always part of the deal. Our goal is to make sure everyone is satisfied. That includes the end user, the facility manager, the accountant and the health and safety inspector.


LoyalBrand understands precisely what the international Herman Miller client expects in terms of service and support. We think global, but act local. This means that for every project,  we collaborate closely with the local Herman Miller team while observing the international terms of service.


The Dutch government has its own demands when it comes to purchasing, tenders and ergonomic considerations. This is due to a much wider range of body sizes to account for compared to other countries. Thanks to our expertise and the wide range of products we offer, Herman Miller and LoyalBrand are often called upon as preferred supplier for government institutions, municipalities and other centralized organizations.


For small and medium sized enterprises it is vitally important that a supplier is fast, flexible and cost effective. In addition, SME’s often prefer to do business with a local supplier. In that sense, LoyalBrand offers the best of both worlds: our clients have the support of a renowned brand like Herman Miller while simultaneously relying on a local supplier that understands their needs and will go the extra mile in terms of service, delivery and training.

Top of the line. Highly desirable. Sustainable.

Take your office environment to the next level.