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When the Aeron was first released in 1994, it was a chair unlike anything the world had seen before. It didn’t just change the way people thought about sitting, it also changed perceptions of what a chair could be. However, the times and technologies have changed since 1994, so it’s only logical for the Aeron to change right along with them.

Tijden Veranderen

Een Icoon Updaten

Just as iconic films and albums are updated for new mediums, standards, and audiences, the Aeron has been remastered for a new generation by combining Don Chadwick’s original vision and Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, advancements in materials, manufacturing & technology, and modern working environments.

Evolution of a revolution

Looks familiar, but what’s under the hood?

Unique backrest and seat

The Aeron’s defining feature: eight separate zones with varying degrees of tension to provide the perfect level of comfort and ergonomic support.

PostureFit SL

PostureFit SL’s adjustable, individual pads stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic that healthful standing position. Just one of the 96 patented pieces of design on the Aeron.

Easy adjustment

Intuitive controls for optimal comfort and personal adjustment. With just a few twists back pressure over a great range can be set, up to a maximum of 159 kg.

Natural movement

A finely tuned tilting mechanism enables a slight degree of movement that follows the body exactly while providing a sense of balance over its entire range .


Herman Miller arrived at three holistic material expressions. Graphite is the darkest, a modern take on the original Aeron. Carbon offers a balanced neutral that works equally well in warm and cool environments. Mineral is the lightest, ideal for the open office environments.

Positive health impact

Designed for you

By creating the Aeron, Stumpf and Chadwick proved that a chair is more than an object on which you sit. It can actually contribute to your physical wellbeing. View the videos to discover the innovative technologies and materials that were used in creating the Aeron.

Configure your Aeron

In the zones

Across the seat and back, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension—tightest at the edges and more forgiving where the body makes contact—envelop the sitter, and deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support.

Keep cool

By doing away with foam and fabric, Aeron solved one of prolonged sitting’s biggest predicaments: the buildup of heat and humidity close to the body. Pellicle allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures.

Lean back

Staying in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that deliver nutrients to the intervertebral disks. The Aeron Chair’s tilt allows it to move with the body in such a natural way that people can shift from forward to reclining postures intuitively.

Optimal support

PostureFit SL’s adjustable, individual pads stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic that healthful standing position.

Bill Stumpf & Don Chadwick

Designed by experts

Back in 1994, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf started their work on the first Aeron office chair. Now, with the new and improved Aeron, Chadwich took a classic design to new heights aided by 96 patents. The results speak for themselves. There is an even better tilting mechanism, special elastomeric suspension stretched across eight distinct zones, unparalleled  support and much more. The previous Aeron has a great reputation and corresponding residual value, even if it was made in ’94. The new Aeron is stronger, better, better looking and comes with a cost of ownership that gives new meaning to the term ‘sustainable.’ Contact LoyalBrand for a detailed quote.

Videos on the Aeron

Independent Review | 4:51

A Maximilian Mackson review on the new Aeron.

Aeron Hockey | 1:01

A classic Aeron TV commercial from the Herman Miller archives.

The Design Story | 2:38

Don Chadwick chronicles the design of the Aeron.


There is no accounting for taste, but in terms of functionality, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. The most obvious ones are listed on the right. Please contact us for personally tailored advice.


Frame color, the base and other details make your chair stand out.

Configure your Aeron

What is customizable?

There are a lot of choices to be made when configuring your perfect Aeron chair. Options are divided along cosmetic and ergonomic lines.

Three different versions

Aeron chairs come in three different versions: A, B or C. The A version is made to fit users of a smaller posture. About 5 percent of the Dutch population fits this category. The Aeron B is perfect for the average sized user up to 185 centimeters. Lastly, the Aeron C  was made for users of above average height, covering the remaining 5 percent of the Dutch population.

Which tilting mechanism is best?

The majority of Aeron chairs are specced with a front favoring tilting mechanism with the addition of a blocking mechanism for reclining. The following options are available: no adjustment, adjustment for a negative angle of the seat pan and a blocking mechanism for reclining motion of the backrest or a combination of these.

Additional back support

The new Aeron offers PostureFit SL as an option which features adjustable, individual pads that stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic a healthy standing position. As with the classic Aeron chair, a basic lumbar support is also available. This option supports the area above the lower vertebra. PostureFit SL is aimed at the entire lower back.


We recommend the fully adjustable armrest. As well as being height adjustable, these armrests are able to turn and move forwards/backwards. Fixed armrests are available as well.


The Aeron is fitted with wheels that are compatible with either hard floors or carpet. Wheels with a braking system (for when the chair is not in use) are also available.

The base

The standard Aeron is equipped with a graphite base, a durable option that will stand the test of time. Luxury options such as polished aluminum are also available. These can be matched with polished aluminum frame beams and armrests.

Frame color

The graphite color most closely resembles the classic Aeron design. Carbon is slightly more neutral in appearance and a bit less dark. Mineral is the lightest color of the three.

Atlas Office Landscape

Atlas Office Landscape differs from a standard sit-to-stand desking system. A simplified and consistent approach to both componentry and electric options makes configuring and creating large groups of height-adjustable desks as easy as a single workstation. Integrated storage and meeting tables ensure Atlas has the flexibility to meet each individual’s needs with ease.

Atlas storage space

Specially designed for Atlas Office Landscape: storage space to complement Atlas desks. Beautifully designed and available in a number of configurations.

REG chair and stool

Robust and elegant. For areas where a transparent solution is called for, for instance in a cafeteria or at a high table. REG chairs are suitable for in- as well as outdoor use.

Cubert desk lamp

For a perfectly lit working space. The Cubert desk lamp features a built dimmer settings and a USB port for convenient charging of phones or other devices.

Naughtone Dalby

Dalby tables radiate warmth and quality without drawing too much attention. Whether it’s the small, round four person tables or the much larger conference room tables, Dalby is designed to be scalable.

Aeron Mineral

The lightest shade Aeron, for the modern office.

Anywhere Case

Slim ontworpen koffer voor de mobiele werknemer.

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Why it’s a great idea to get an Aeron chair

Do you spend a lot of hours at your desk and do you suffer from soreness or back pains? A Herman Miller Aeron chair can relieve or even prevent these discomforts through its superior ergonomic design. The Aeron features eight latitudinal zones of varying tension that envelop its user to deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support to relieve aches and back pains.

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Quick delivery for companies and private customers

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