Do you sell used Herman Miller chairs?

Due to their popularity, Herman Miller seats are often used for many thousands of hours. Many of the ‘refurbished’ options that are offered by other suppliers often lack the actual refurbishing needed to make them deserving of that description. In many cases, a simple wipe down is all they will get. At LoyalBrand, we feel that a display model presents a much better option. These either have been used for purposes of demonstration or were out on loan for a few weeks at most while the client awaited delivery of a custom chair.  You can also opt for the Herman Miller Economy model that offers exceptional value. Whatever you decide, it’s good to know that at LoyalBrand, a chair is either brand new or indistinguishable from. If you are determined to get a refurbished chair, please consider contacting us first or view the other entries on this subject.

What do I have to look out for when buying a used Aeron or Mirra chair?

The Mirra 1 backrest will often separate from its suspension points and the seat can show signs of wear. A newly upholstered seat can cost up to € 300,- making that something to look out for. Then there are the armrests. Are these replaced or simply cleaned up? The older version of the Mirra  uses an adhesive that fails, causing the upholstery to separate, leaving the armrests looking like deflated balloons. A worn out gas spring can also cause annoyance. The rubber seals wear out after time, causing the spring to leak. Lastly, cosmetic damage to the chair’s base is often masked using a spray paint that will separate sometimes after mere hours of use.

Can I use my old Aeron or Mirra as a trade-in?

Absolutely. Recycling is an important part of our sustainability goals and old Aeron or Mirra chairs still hold value in that regard.  A discount will be applied to your purchase of a new and improved Aeron or Mirra chair for many years of carefree use at a great price.

Can I buy privately at LoyalBrand?

Yes you can. LoyalBrand specializes in projects of various sizes, but you are more than welcome to use our store or consult us for more information as a private consumer.

The difference in price between new and used is negligible. Why is that?

There are a number of reasons for this: first, spare parts are relatively expensive, second, costs associated with distribution are non-trivial (regardless of whether a chair is used or new) and third, the installation of spare parts takes a lot of time, making it difficult to compete with the efficient assembly at the factory. In addition to the (sometimes) questionable refurbishing practices, these are the reasons why it makes much more sense to choose either a factory new chair or one of our display models that has the exact same twelve year warranty.

What to look out for when buying a used Mirra

Gas spring

A gas spring is used for height adjustment. If the seals are worn out, the spring will sag until it hits the lowest setting. When buying a refurbished chair, make sure the gas spring has been replaced with a new part, especially when the chair is over 5 years old.


The fabric that is stretched over the frame should be inspected closely when buying a used Mirra. Over time, the yarn ages and starts to fail leading to tearing or fraying of the fabric. This is especially true for chairs that were finished in gray as these were more susceptible to UV light than the black versions. At € 300,-, replacement of the fabric is expensive due to its rarity.


The first generation Mirra chair suffered from deflating armrests. This was due to the adhesive failing, causing the vinyl to separate, giving the armrests the appearance of deflated balloons. If a Mirra is sold as ‘refurbished,’ the least you should expect is a set of replacement armrests.

Backrest mounting points

The bolts that fasten the backrest to the frame are known to loosen prematurely. This was a weak point in the original design. The issue has been fixed with the introduction of the Mirra2.

The base

A chair’s base endures a lot of abuse over the years, leading to faded paint, scratches or even bare sections. The Mirra1 has an aluminum base that’s powder coated. Areas that suffered excessive wear are sometimes painted over using simple spray paint that will peel off very easily. It is recommended to avoid chairs that have been touched up in this way.

What to look out for when buying a used Aeron

Fabrication date

It is important to look out for the original Herman Miller production code stickers that feature the date of fabrication. Many parts have been improved or changed over the years. If the stickers have been removed to conceal the chair’s age, that also makes it more difficult to determine which replacement parts it needs.

Gas spring

The Aeron uses a specialized gas spring. When shopping for a refurbished Aeron, make sure the gas spring has been replaced. If the seals are worn out, the spring will sag until it hits the lowest setting.


The front of the seat has a foam padding to soften the solid ridge underneath. After years of continued use, this padding has disintegrated making the chair considerably less comfortable. A chair that has been refurbished properly should always have the front padding replaced.

Armrest height adjustment

The original Aeron chair had a height adjustment that was driven by small cogs in the back of the frame. These would strip fairly quickly, making the armrests unstable. Later versions have a much more robust handle to adjust armrest height.

Size A, B or C?

The Aeron comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large (A, B or C). Early versions of sizes B and C were known to have mounting points that failed. Around 2005, this was improved by strengthening the frame underneath the seat. When shopping for an Aeron, it is therefore a good idea to look for versions that were made after 2005.


The Aeron had two different configurations. The first version used a horizontal lumbar support that’s inserted through a slot in the chair’s frame. This is a wear item that will show hairline cracks before failing completely. Alternatively, the posturefit configuration has a lumbar support in the form of a flat disc. This version was introduced at a later date and is not known to have any problems.

Ergonomics and sustainability

Where does Herman Miller rank in terms of sustainability?

Herman Miller has always been at the forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable design. This applies not only to Herman Miller’s products, but to the company as a whole. Herman Miller is the only manufacturer of office furniture to appear in the annual RobecoSAM sustainability report. In addition, the company has featured on the Dow Jones global sustainability index (for ten years in a row) and NASDAQ’s OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index for the top 100 most sustainable companies worldwide.

Herman Miller’s Aeron, Mirra, Sayl, Embody and Cosm chairs carry the all-important Cradle to Cradle certificate as well as an indoor air quality certificate. The latter signifies that these chairs do not emit any harmful or poisonous vapors after leaving the factory floor. All of Herman Miller’s chairs contribute to BREEAM and WELL building certification.

What is your definition of an ergonomic office chair?

Each person is different and moves differently. A properly designed ergonomic chair will therefore meet the requirements of its user instead of the other way around. A good chair is easy to adjust over a wide range of settings to allow for long periods of use without sacrificing support or comfort. A good chair will support you even when you move while using it. This may seem obvious, but it is difficult to achieve. Luckily, Herman Miller has the resolve and the resources needed to invest heavily in R&D without which their boundary pushing ergonomic design would not  be possible.

Do all Herman Miller chairs conform to local standards and regulations?

Herman Miller is active in over a hundred different countries and they make sure all requirements are met wherever a Herman Miller chair is sold. This includes the Netherlands where their products have been tested according to NEN 1135 and NPR 1813 standards.

Will a Herman Miller chair help alleviate my back pain?

Herman Miller’s chairs are designed to provide optimal support while also allowing for and improving the user’s movement. The latter is achieved through an innovative non-linear movement mechanism. A good chair will create the best possible conditions for your back while seated, though it is equally important to strengthen your back through exercise or sports. Do not forget to get up regularly and move around. Consider the way your desk and monitor are set up. Improve that setup through, for instance, the use of a monitor arm (or glasses). And lastly, vary your posture while seated. Of course, it is part of the LoyalBrand service to help you or your company achieve optimal working conditions.


Which payment methods are available?

  • iDEAL (through your own bank)
  • Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • a simple bank transfer.

A  € 15,- discount is applied to orders that are paid up front. Of course, you also have to options to settle the invoice after delivery via a bank transfer. Payment is required within 7 days after delivery.

When is payment due?

There are two options to choose from. You can either pay up front with the added benefit of a € 15,- discount. Alternatively, you can decide to pay within 7 days after the order has been delivered.


What does a typical delivery look like?

In keeping with our ‘Last Mile’ standards, each order is personally delivered by LoyalBrand to ensure the best possible customer experience. It also allows us to provide on-site chair  adjustment and personal advice.

After an order is placed, we will contact you to schedule a suitable delivery time and date.

What is the cost of delivery?

All of our prices include VAT and delivery. This includes in-home delivery, the removal of packaging materials and on-site adjustment and personal advice.

When can I expect delivery?

Our stock and display models are delivered in a matter of days. Custom orders can take between 4 and 8 weeks.


Can I return my order?

Stock models may be returned within 14 days after delivery. Custom orders are not eligible for returns.

How do I initiate a return?

Simply call us or send us an email stating you wish to return your order. LoyalBrand will take care of your request as soon as possible, often within a few days. You will receive a receipt and a refund.

Do I need to arrange a pickup?

That is not necessary. LoyalBrand takes care of returns as well as deliveries. After a return is initiated, no further action is required on your part.

When can I expect the refund?

A refund is issued two days after LoyalBrand has picked up your order and processed the return. The amount is transferred to the account with which the original payment was made.

Service and warranty

How does the Herman Miller warranty work?

Herman Miller offers the best warranty in our industry. The unique twelve year warranty applies to each part of the chair, without exception. This extended warranty is valid for every chair that was sold after March of 2018. Prior to that date, exceptions are in place for (among others) the gas spring and certain fabrics.

The official Herman Miller explanation:

The Herman Miller warranty applies to everything – including electrical components, wheels, gas springs, moving parts and mechanisms. The warranty accounts for the changing nature of work and the need for a product that can stand up to continued use.

This means that, when repairs are performed under warranty, we do so free of charge. Herman Miller is committed to making the world a better place, our products and their associated quality guarantees are a reflection of that commitment regardless of whether a chair is used in an office, hospital, school, at home or anywhere else in the world.

Can I order parts under warranty myself?

No, the factory warranty requires that repairs are performed by an official Herman Miller dealer. Simply submit your warranty claim and LoyalBrand will take care of the rest.

I have purchased a Herman Miller chair from a private seller. Does the warranty still apply?

No, the Herman Miller warranty applies only to products that were purchased through an official dealer.

We are interested in on-site seating advice for our company. Can you help?

Absolutely. LoyalBrand is one of the few dealers that is specialized in Herman Miller chairs. Furthermore, we have the required expertise to advise in matters related to occupational health. Call us to schedule an appointment.

What does a Herman Miller chair cost?

Buy what you need

Most clients tend to go for a Herman Miller chair will all of the bells and whistles though it is hardly ever necessary. The entry level Sayl is an excellent chair at just € 345,- and it comes with the same twelve year warranty.

Project pricing

The entry level Sayl can be had for € 345,- which is a great price in its own right. However, when working with larger projects, even more attractive pricing is up for discussion. Contact us for more information or visit the store. There is a standardized tiered discount for up to ten chairs. If bigger numbers are involved contact us directly by phone or through the contact form.  A personalized quote can often be ready within the hour.

Is it cheaper to buy through Herman Miller directly?

Herman Miller offers its products through dealer channels only. Of course, there is a close collaboration with Herman Miller where larger projects are concerned, but delivery and payment are always handled by the official Herman Miller dealer (with assistance by Herman Miller if required). This setup ensures the efficient local support the Herman Miller brand is known for.

Is it possible to rent Herman Miller chairs?

Yes. For projects involving 30 seats or more, for periods of three years or longer, you have the option to rent Herman Miller chairs.

How do I get the most from my Herman Miller chair?

The instructions

Each Herman Miller chair comes with detailed instructions and a video animation to aid in properly configuring your chair.

More than just the chair

Of course, the chair plays a vital part in optimizing your work space, but other aspects are deserving of attention as well. Desk height and the distance and angle at which the monitor are viewed also aid in achieving a healthy and sustainable posture.

Vary your posture often

Few things are better than a quick break every now and then. Regardless of how good your office chair is, it is recommended to move about every twenty minutes. 30 seconds spent doing something else with some regularity contributes to a better wellbeing.

Prescription glasses

It may sound obvious, but the eyes play a major part in determining the distance between your head and the monitor (in that the eyes always win). If you find yourself leaning forward to better read what’s on the screen, it is a good idea to have your eyesight measured to check if glasses are required.


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