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Using a custom office chair is a good way to guarantee you’re comfortable behind the desk. Herman Miller in Amsterdam is a leading designer of custom ergonomic chairs that prevent back aches, muscle strain and other risks associated with sedentary professions. LoyalBrand is the official Herman Miller dealer in the Netherlands. We supply all Herman Miller chairs as well as custom versions of those chairs that are tailored specifically to your body. You will also be happy to know all of our chairs come with a 12 year factory warranty.

Prevents back aches and tension with a custom chair

Do you suffer from back aches, muscle rigidity or other physical discomforts after a day in the office? An ill-fitting office chair is the likely culprit. A custom chair tailored to your body encourages a natural posture and provides superior support for your back which prevents back aches and stiffness and leads to increased productivity and long term health benefits. At LoyalBrand, all Herman Miller chairs are available and each one of them can be customised to suit the individual client.

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A sustainable choice for the (home) office

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, Herman Miller office chairs set the standard for ergonomics as well as sustainability. The vast majority of Herman Miller products come with cradle to cradle and indoor air quality certificates. This means that Herman Miller chairs are built using sustainable methods and materials, and that they do not contain or emit toxic substances. Are you interested in a custom and sustainable office chair for the (home) office? Call 020-2440-962 for a free consultation. Feel free to visit the store to explore some of the possibilities.

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