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Herman Miller Embody

No discount code needed. You simply have the best price guarantee! At LoyalBrand, most Embody chairs include the UPGRADE Sync upholstery, normally with an additional cost of approximately 80 Euro

Do you often sit for long periods of time, for example because you do office work? Then the Herman Miller Embody is the perfect office chair for you. This chair follows the shape of your body and promotes movement, preventing back, neck and other complaints. You will find all versions on this page. We have many of them in stock. That is nice because the delivery times for the Herman Miller Embody office chair are quite long. So if you put together an Embody office chair yourself, you will have to be patient before you can enjoy your own choices. LoyalBrand offers a good alternative as a loaner chair for free during the waiting period.

And you don’t pay anything extra for the better wheels suitable for hard floors because they are included!

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