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Herman Miller Embody – Black Sync upgrade

Embody Sync fabric for extra comfort

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Linnaeusstraat 2C, Amsterdam

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  • Over 30 years of Herman Miller experience.
  • 5 star service: we’re not happy until you are.
  • Appointment based delivery.
  • Personal adjustment of your new office chair.
  • Free 7 day trial: sitting is believing.
  • Exchange warranty included.
  • Over 300 office chairs in stock.

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Embody editions: Graphite frame/Graphite base
Frame/fabric colours: Sync Black Plus 50 Euro

Your Embody comes with the most extensive adjustment options.

This version has the latest type of  Sync upholstery , which provides just a little more comfort compared to the standard Rythm upholstery.

The version with the breathable 3D upholstery Balance has no foam rubber in the seat and back.

The Balance version has LoyalBrand available as an upgrade.

Embody is Herman Miller’s ergonomic workhorse. The design is completely edgeless so that you feel no restrictions when sitting. The back remains flexible even if you tighten the limiter. The effect is that your head is placed neatly above the core of your back.

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This store had prices cheaper than my country, for whopping 1000€.I was unable to order it to my country directly through the website. I emailed Heerco and expressed interest in the chair - he was happy to send it to Croatia, which we made happen through very smooth email communication.Arrived via DHL Express within 5 working days. This chair is a lifesaver. Totally worth the investment in my health.Thanks for the great experience.
A Strunjak
21:46 29 May 24
P.S. I am genuinely writing willingly, and I got just treated equally to those hundreds before me, and I know it is a surprise to see such a service these days for a particular customer.After my bad experience with the previous chair, I decided to buy a new one in which I can have a proper warranty. I know Herman Miller Aeron is relatively expensive, but the warranty kind of makes you feel you made a wise decision with their 12 years long.But that is all aside; I mean dealing with Loyal brand a story itself. I searched for a proper discount for a couple of days. Frankly, I found even the white version, but when I read the reviews, it seems people were outraged because their complaints never got an answer from the store, as well Harmin Miller did not help either since the chair was titled used even though he sold it new "according to them".On Saturday noon, I called Loyalty Brand, Mr Heerco answers and asked me to excuse the noise as his wife driving but he would like to help. Then he took his time to explain to me the models and why there is a discount tag on the chair, as well he told me I could deliver it Wednesday to Groningen. A couple of hours later while still not convinced kept going through the reviews and I was literally not able to see a bad review! After paying, I got a conformation, then the delivery confirmed. A day before I called to tell him I have a dentist appointment and this guy simply answered me: "don't worry, I will come to Groningen from Alkmaar and wait for you.". Then he delivered it up to the 3ed floor himself and spent 30 minutes explaining in details the adjustment, and what is the healthier way to set it up with my desk.Great experience!!
Jay Kay
09:19 20 Feb 24
Very pleased with the service from LoyalBrand team. Customer friendly and professional advice for Herman Miller chairs . I recommend this company for anyone planning to buy a Herman Miller office chair .
16:15 11 Sep 23
Highly recommender, i ordered my chair and i received it 4 days after the order and everything has been explained to me. high quality materials and service
Reem Tariq
08:59 23 Aug 23
Excellent Herman Miller dealer. Good price, amazing customer service, quick delivery. Very very much recommended.
Gabriel Pires
14:21 24 Feb 23
كنت أبحث عن كرسي جيد لساعات طويلة أثناء عملي وللألعاب ، ثم صادفت علامة ولاء من خلال القرص. استخدمت رمز خصم رائعًا وقدمت طلبي على الفور. وبعد بضعة أيام كان Heerco موجودًا بالفعل عند الباب مع شرح واضح عن الكرسي. خدمة عظيمة!
dylan zwaan
11:02 16 Dec 22
في اليوم التالي لطلبي ، تم تسليم كرسي مكتب Herman Miller بالفعل ، وتم نقله إلى الطابق الثاني وتلقيت تعليمات موجزة حول كيفية استخدامه. كرسي رائع والخدمة.
Cor Hoppe
09:06 20 Nov 22
Came w/o appointment to try out HM chairs. Received a warm welcome and extensive knowledgeable advice. Recommended! Note: Located inside the ImpactHub accessible from the backside of the Tropenmuseum.
Ernst van Driel
13:13 26 Oct 22
Very professional dealer! Had a nice trial session in the show room. Great service, super quick delivery with installation service too.
Tianpei Wang
09:23 22 Sep 22
Excellent advice and fitting for the best chair would that fits my needs. The chair was delivered the next day and someone were explained how to operate the chair in detail. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy an office chair. Thank you so much for the great service!
Henry Montagu
14:00 15 Sep 22
Quality of the Herman Miller chair and the service of Loyalbrand are outstanding. The company responses quick, people working there are super knowledgeable and they even let me try out one of the chairs to make sure the size was right.
10:23 08 Sep 22
I was on vacation in Amsterdam when I came across the Herman Miller experience from LoyalBrand. I live in the South of Germany, where there is not a lot of possibilities to try out the Herman Miller portfolio. Even without an appointment, Heerco let me try them out right away and provided me with incredible Customer Service as well as consultation.Even though, these Chairs do have their price, combined with the consultation and Customer Service I am happy I chose LoyalBrand as my Dealership!The chair was shipped to my place in the very South of Germany within a couple of days and I am excited to work from home now! I am not sure if I can make myself go to the office with the "regular" chairs anymore...A great thanks goes out to Heerco for his patience and expert consultation - you alone made my trip to Amsterdam worthwile!
Justin Kurz
08:16 08 Aug 22
LoyalBrand ، إذا نظرت إلى موقعه على الإنترنت ، لديه خدمة فريدة لا مثيل لها على ما يبدو. يتم تأكيد ذلك أيضًا على الفور عند إجراء عملية شراء ، أو إذا كنت ترغب في تجربة كرسي مع فترة تجريبية.كان التسليم بسرعة فائقة. كان Heerco ودودًا للغاية ، وشرح جميع وظائف الكرسي بدقة ، وضبط الكرسي حسب طولي وارتفاع مكتبي.باختصار ، LoyalBrand هي توصيتي لأي شخص يفكر في كرسي مكتب Herman Miller. :)
13:15 02 Aug 22
Super happy with my new chair! Excellent advice about which chair would fit my needs and on arrival, which was only a couple of days later, the settings were explained in detail.
Thomas van der Meer
08:28 24 Jun 22
Great business, will buy from them again.
Rick Deckard
18:44 08 Jun 22
I recommend LoyalBrand for anyone looking for Herman Miller chairs. I was well informed about my order and the delivery time was also very short. Thanks to Theo delivery tracker I knew exactly when the delivery would take place, so I could be at home to open the door. The price point was also lower than other places I checked.
lukas wedjelek
21:23 02 Feb 22
Genuinely good with delivery and even refunds. During first time Delivery we did not get much details about chair setup. But the second time we interacted with them (I think it was Heerco) we could gather a sense of care shown for customers in the way they provided thorough instructions.My only concern is that I couldn’t figure a way to create a user id/ password in their website where I can keep track of my orders. Maybe it is only possible for b2b and not for private customers.
Rajesh Narayanan
14:30 06 Jan 22
I had a very nice experience with LoyalBrand. The manager was very nice and reachable. I was able to get my Herman Miller Aeron chair in a relatively short time; moreover, upon delivery, the manager explained to me carefully about the adjustments of the chair and also help me find out the best/healthiest workplace setup. LoyalBrand is your go-to place if you wanna get a good office chair :) Thanks Heerco!
Tiffany Wang
13:43 01 Dec 21
I bought an aeron chair this week. The best customer service I have ever experienced. I am very pedantic when it comes to buying stuff. For a very tiny scratch which was barely visible, my chair was swapped twice. It was brought to me personally by the business owner. Well deserves the five star review.
Amirhossein Ghamarian
14:46 27 Aug 21
I have quite a picky body when it comes to chairs. Loyalbrand went out of their way to give me the best services i've experienced in years. I was able to demo different chairs which I swapped out multiple times. Never once was there an issue. The service was fast and personable. They even went out of their way to find a piston that would allow me to sit about an inch lower. THAT is the level of service the put on offer here. Incredible.
12:34 23 Aug 21
I ordered two chairs on Sunday evening and on Monday I already received them. Incredible fast service and delivery. The owner was very nice and knowledgeable . He set up both chairs to fit me and my partner respectively while explaining what is the correct way to sit at the desk. He even pointed out how high the desks should be to avoid neck pain.I am more than pleased with both the products and the services.
Ioana Tudor
18:29 04 Aug 21
Super happy with the Mirra 2. Even thought there was a small water stain on the base of the chair, Heerco came with the replacement and he replaced it immediately. Definitely recommend!
Teodor Chirica
18:55 03 Aug 21
The delivery was very fast almost same day, and they offered to help setting up the chair.It was excellent choice.
mohamed ahmed
20:45 02 Aug 21
I bought a Herman Miller Embody chair less than a week ago. Heerco was extremely helpful in explaining me what the differences are and what should I try and why. He offered to wait for a few hours at his store just for me. And when I came he spent a good 40 minutes detailing everything about the chairs that he had available. He explained to me that I should not be afraid of not liking the chair as they have a great warranty, where if I don't like it, they will take it back no questions asked. This is outstanding service and it's greatly appreciated, especially when it's a chair that's worth so much. So far I am enjoying my new purchase and I hope I won't need to use their return option :)They delivered the chair the next day after I made an order: this is lightning fast and they are setting a good example of what customer service should be like.
der wasp
21:42 21 Jul 21
I am beyond pleased with the chair from LoyalBrand which was only topped by the customer service.Delivery was stellar with the chair coming up to my apartment and being assembled in time for my next meeting - nevertheless Heerco was able to give me a full walkthrough of all the chair's functionality before my next call (the quickest walkthrough ever I believe haha).The chair is fantastic and I would recommend anyone to buy from LoyalBrand for amazing products as well as service.Thanks Heerco!
Hugo Lennon
15:06 14 Apr 21
I was looking for a Herman Miller Mirra for a long time as I mostly work behind my desk for half of the day. These chairs are kind of pricy but I could find a great model with a suitable cost by help of LoyalBrand. I bought Mirra business model with full warranty which helps me work more comfortably. LoyalBrand provided very friendly and personal service with a super fast delivery.
Navid S
06:57 13 Apr 21
I was looking for a Herman Miller Mirra for a long time as I work mostly behind my desk for a long time. These chair are kind of pricy but I could find a great model with a suitable cost by help of LoyalBrand. I bought the Mirra business model with full warranty which helps me work more comfortably. LoyalBrand provided very friendly and personal service with a super fast delivery.
Navid S
11:26 05 Mar 21
Had an amazing experience, both with buying the chair as with it's delivery.Quick and clear email communication before purchase to answer all my questions. Got a phone call 20min before delivery to check if I was home, amazing personal touch to the service provided.Aaaaaand, the chair is amazing to sit in as well! ^_^
Frank Thier
11:06 17 Feb 21
Great customer service, friendly staff, and super quick delivery. A perfect experience, highly recommended!
Florian Bürger
09:25 25 Jan 21
Very friendly and professional service, good pricing, and personal delivery! Heerco is clearly very knowledgable, and his detailed explanation of the chair's ergonomics and features was quite helpful. Would highly recommend LoyalBrand!
John Whelan
14:33 14 Jan 21
Fast delivery. Excelent price. Personal touch in explaining how to configure chair and how to use it correctly. Final setup and chair configuration by very helpfull staff. Highly recommend!
Marin Frankovic
07:31 13 Jan 21
I ordered my Herman Miller office chair on a Friday and it was delivered on Monday. I got a call early Monday afternoon asking if they can deliver it later in the day. I was pleasantly surprised at the rapid delivery. I really enjoyed being able to customize the chair online, they had all the options and a good user experience. The only reason I did not give it a 5 star is that they could not come in and personally show me how to adjust everything with myself in the chair due to covid-19. They did explain everything outside my door for 10 minutes though its not the same thing. They explained the ergonomics with the desk, chair and monitor. I would of liked them to help me adjust all this with me sitting in the chair. I did find many videos online that have helped. Overall, a great chair and great experience. I would use Loyalbrand again and recommend them.
Josh Marcus
07:40 03 Nov 20
Very good service and advices.I really appreciated that they brought different models of chairs to my working place so I could test and compare each of them in situation to make my choice.And the delivery was very quick after the purchase.
nicolas journoud
17:31 24 Oct 20
Absolutely perfect, 100% happy from our initial consultation to final delivery. LoyalBrand & Heerco did an amazing job of getting us exactly the chairs we wanted. Perfect service & delivery direct to our apartment, exceptional on all counts.
A Fuzzy Adventure
13:46 12 Oct 20
Best price and service in the city. Products were delivered on time in excellent condition. Highly recommended!
Arka Der Stepanian
14:02 09 Oct 20
I am very happy with the Herman Miller product and the service from LoyalBrand. Heerco has been extremely helpful and diligent throughout the whole process - choosing a chair model, delivering it and explaining all the adjustments.I've experienced the "only satisfied when you are" promise in practice. The first chair model that I picked didn't quite fit my needs after initial try out at home, and with no problems I was able to "upgrade" to another one.LoyalBrand provides the kind of service that made me feel comfortable with buying such a "high end" piece of furniture, so to anyone in doubt - I highly recommend them. After a few days in a chair that was good for me I had no doubts left whatsoever on the value I get for the money and how much better my "work from home" life has now become :).
Dmitriy Novakovskiy
21:54 29 Sep 20
I'm extremely satisfied with the service, bought a Mirra 2 chair which was delivered extremely quickly with a great personal explanation of the features. I had no clue how much of a difference an ergonomic chair would make, but now that I feel the difference between the Mirra 2 and my old IKEA chair, I understand the superb quality. Very happy I made this investment.
Roan Laenen
11:16 15 Sep 20
For office chair we always knew that Herman Miller was the best especially for the type of work that we do and sitting for such a long time. We wanted to replace our office chairs and my husband came across LoyalBrand website. So we ordered 2 Aeron chairs and we are absolutely happy with it! They are such comfortable and ergonomic chairs, it sits well, just amazing! On top of that the service that Herco offers is outstanding, something you wouldn't get very easily in the Netherlands. He personally comes and delivers the chairs and make sure you are sitting on it properly and adjust it well so we are sitting in a proper ergonomic way. I am pretty sure if it were another company it would just be delivered and we would have to figure it all out by ourselves. Top Top Service. Will definitely be ordering more stuffs from LoyalBrand in the future.
Sonia Harjani
11:06 04 Sep 20
Look no further for your perfect office / home-office chair. Top-notch service and product!Heerco is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Besides the best in market office chair you will get a crash course in the office ergonomics.
Agnija Pramalte
08:39 30 Aug 20
In search for a proper chair (Herman Miller Aeron) I found LoyalBrand. They have a very clear website, and nice differentiation to select the Aeron for you (Economy, Business, Luxury). The order process is clear and fast and Heerco delivered the chair personally after a few days at my home (home office). During delivery he explained how the chair works, where all the levers are located and the best way to set it up.Personal touch and fast delivery. LoyalBrand is your one-stop shop for anything Herman Miller.
Patrick Damen
15:04 25 Aug 20
I ordered a chair from LoyalBrand and I am absolutely pleased with my choice and how I was treated. The chair is great and also are the services. They deliver in person, which is nice and handy. I’ve got a loan chair the next day after I placed an order, such that I could already enjoy comfort while awaiting on my order to be delivered by manufacturer. The service is very friendly with good communication. I did internet research upfront and observed that also the prices are lower than those of competitors. Very happy.
14:21 06 Aug 20
Ordered a new Herman Miller chair and I'm very satisfied with my experience.Good prices, good service and very knowledgeable. Upon delivery they helped me set up the chair for proper ergonomics, which is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.
Oliver Gullon
13:54 18 Feb 20
I ordered a Herman Miller Aeron chair a while ago and everything went splendid. The service was superb, the chair is amazing and the pricing is fantastic!Do not hesitate to contact them if you're looking for a Herman Miller chair. They'll gladly explain everything to you and even have a home-service where they come to you!I could not be happier with this purchase.Thank you so much.
11:27 05 Feb 20
Excellent service. I bought a Harman Miller chair which didn't turn out to be a a perfect fit for me. I was able to swap this model for another one, which fitted better. Furthermore, the salesman knows fine details about the ergonomics and the production processes of the various models.
Michiel de Ruiter
21:22 25 Jan 20
Webshop with a personal touch. Better prices vs competition, personal delivery by the business owner himself
kris meermans
12:40 08 Dec 19
The whole process from ordering all the way to delivery couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. I'm extremely happy with my new Embody Chair and would definitely recommend people to get Herman Miller from LoyalBrand Network. Thank you!
Jacque Tes
17:54 07 Oct 19
I'm really, REALLY happy with this chair (Mirra 2), I think it's fantastic. Also I'm so glad about the advice you gave me during the delivery day, because having a great chair but then not being able to know what posture is good and what's bad doesn't help.I wish somebody at work would have advised me about not having the lower part of my wrist to the corner of the table! (they give us general clues but not that one, and I think I have got something in my fingers because of that... let's hope it goes away)
xtarchaser .
08:13 30 Sep 19
I had overall very good experience. After submitting my order via the web-shop, it was followed up quickly and accurately. Upon delivery I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed explanation of all functions available in my new chair, as well as its optimal configuration for my specific work place. Professional and to the point. Thanks! :)
16:40 19 Aug 19
My experience with LoyalBrand was outstanding. I can strongly recommend them if you want a high quality experience and delivery. I waited a long time to get my customized chair but it was worth it :) Would definitely order again if I need to!
Thomas Leruth
13:40 30 Jul 19
I highly recommend LoyalBrand to anyone looking to buy a new office chair. The service is really excellent, I was able to try out different chairs and they were delivered to my apartment with a smile. The prices are good. Would definitely shop here again if I ever need an other chair.
Boy den Hartog
12:17 01 Jul 19

Prolonged sitting is often necessary in today's working world, but it takes a physical and mental toll.

Embody addresses this all-too-common problem - and in fact, is the only chair that actually improves your health while sitting. It sets the standard for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and support for healthy mobility in ergonomic chairs.

The performance of your Embody

From the moment you sit down, you feel Embody's Pixelated Support™ - the feeling as if you are floating, while being perfectly balanced. Thanks to a dynamic matrix of pixels, Embody's seat and backrest surface automatically conform to your body's micro-movements, evenly distributing your weight as you sit. This reduces pressure and stimulates movement, both important elements for healthy circulation and good concentration.

Embody's backrest is designed like your back, with a central spine and flexible ribs. The BackFit™ adjustment allows you to adjust the backrest to the natural curvature of your spine, so you achieve a neutral, balanced posture. After the chair is adjusted to you, the backrest adapts to your movement and automatically adjusts to your changing positions. Whether you hang forward or lean back, the support remains constant.

Your Embody is so intelligent that sitting helps you think

Embody began by recognizing an unsolved problem: the lack of physical harmony between people and the technology they use. When we spend too much time behind our laptops or staring at our tablets, moving nothing but our fingers, we become stiff and tired, because our bodies were made to move.

The science of sitting comfortably

More than 30 doctors and Ph.D. students in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy and ergonomics contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this chair. Prototypes followed, on which experts sat and judged what was good and what was not.

The result is that Embody sets a new standard for pressure distribution, natural stabilization, and support for healthy movement in ergonomic chairs.

Embody design: Form follows function

The function is fully visible. Every part of the chair is designed for a very specific beneficial purpose. Embody's technology is not hidden; it is part of the look. After years of research, design, construction, and testing - and then again (and again) - the art of design and the science of sitting came together perfectly to create the Embody.

Embrace and be supported by superior ergonomic technology

In Embody's seat, a combination of support layers works together to reduce seat pressure. These layers are designed to allow airflow that keeps you cool and comfortable while sitting.

The BackFit adjustment allows the back of the chair to adjust to the unique curves of your spine, perfectly positioning your head in relation to an ergonomically adjusted monitor. Embody's movement technology keeps your backrest at the correct angle to the seat, allowing your body to move naturally and adopt the healthiest sitting postures while keeping your pelvis stable.